At Cornerstone Music, we welcome diversity and recognize that individuals come to us with unique interests, experiences, and learning styles. 

Your instructor is your new music mentor, and they will take a collaborative approach to the lessons. Communication should be honest and on-going, so that at all times teacher, student, and involved family members understand what success will look like for the student, what kind of progress the student is making, and the challenges they are facing. 

It’s your job to make sure that the teacher knows about any specific expectations you have, and what success would look like to you. Our instructors are talented and creative individuals who will tailor lessons to the unique interests and learning styles of each individual. Armed with the knowledge of your expectations, they will use a variety of tools; some traditional, some innovative or experimental to foster a curious and creative approach to music in addition to the pursuit of knowledge. Please let the teacher know the best way to keep in touch throughout the lesson year, and please reach out to the office if you need any support in keeping the lines of communication open!